Why Gatehouse ?

Get rid of filling in paper documents

With Gatehouse® the visitor registers in an electronic way.

So no more paper documents at your reception!

In this way you also preserve the privacy of your visitors.

Professional appearance of your company

Gatehouse® offers the possibility to personally welcome important visitors.

In addition, the look of Gatehouse® can be fully adapted to your house style.

No more unknown visitors

Thanks to its appearance, Gatehouse® invites visitors to register spontaneously.

Gatehouse® offers the possibility to the visitor to register in his or her native language.

Unmanned reception

If you have opted for an unmanned reception, Gatehouse® will ensure that your employees are informed of the visit.

Through Gatehouse®, your visitor can be designated to the right way or person.

Want to find out why Gatehouse® is ideal for your company?
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