What is Gatehouse?

Visitor registration

Gatehouse ® is a software solution to allow your visitors to register themselves electronically in a simple way.

VIPs, external workers, visitors, auditors, etc. can register in the same way in their mother tongue.

During registration you can point out to visitors specific instructions regarding safety rules, hygiene rules, provisions regarding work clothing, etc.


During the registration in Gatehouse ® a personal label is created for the visitor. Depending on your needs, this label can be printed in various forms such as a label, plastic badge, cardboard business card, ... but can also be sent via email to the visitor. In this way all your visitors are clearly recognizable


At any time you have an overview of the presence of your visitors, also in the event of any incidents or evacuations. Afterwards this information can be used to check the presence of subcontractors, to detect malicious individuals, ...

No installation

Gatehouse ® is a cloud solution which means that no software has to be installed locally. An internet connection is sufficient for your visitors to register on a PC, tablet, thin client or even smart phone.

Would you like to discover Gatehouse further?

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