Extra assets

Online evacuation list

The list of current visitors in Gatehouse® can easily be consulted on a smart phone or tablet via an internet link.

This offers those who are responsible the opportunity to very quickly check online the presence of visitors at your assembly points.

This means that no paper lists need to be taken outside in the event of any incidents.

Frequent visitors

People who visit your company very regularly can be equipped with a "frequent visitor" badge.

As there are the supplier of vending machines, pest controller, external cleaning employees, employees of subcontractors,...

This way, they do not have to register again each time, but you do have an overview of their presence.


You’re expecting distinguished guests?

Or a company visit is planned with a large number of people?

Then Gatehouse® offers the possibility to register these people in advance.

Invoice control for subcontractors

Subcontractor registrations can be consulted down to the last detail afterwards.

This allows invoices from the subcontractor to be checked more efficiently.

Supporting documents can be submitted for specific certificates.

Time registration for interims

Is the administration for short-term interims in the time registration system too time-consuming and/or too expensive?

Then you can consider allowing these people to register through Gatehouse®.

Afterwards you can submit the necessary lists to the temporary employment agencies.

Professional appearance

In Gatehouse ® it is possible to welcome important guests personally.

In addition, using the electronic registration of Gatehouse® has a much more professional look and feel than the traditional bunch of curled papers and the ever-missing ballpoint pen.

Privacy and GDPR 

By registering visitors via Gatehouse® you can protect their privacy. External parties cannot see which other visitors have registered at your company that day. This opposite to the paper document way: here, everybody can have a glance at who else registered that day or week.

By offering the possibility to visitors to "blur" themselves after their visit (= the final destruction of their personal data in the Gatehouse®  database) your company complies with the GDPR legislation. During the registration procedure, the visitor is also made aware of the GDPR rules that apply within your company.

And much, much more…

Every day, additional assets are discovered which Gatehouse® can offer for specific needs of companies or events.

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