Multiple entries, multiple sites

Gatehouse® can be deployed at multiple entrances and at any other branches of your company.

Each entrance can be personalized without any problem: language, instructions, contacts,...


Gatehouse® allows your visitor to register in his or her mother tongue.

This ensures self-reliance when registering non-native speakers.

Registration tailored to your needs

The information that is requested from the visitor during the registration is fully customizable to your needs.

For every form field, it is possible to set it as mandatory or not.

In addition, a help text can be set per field to inform the visitor.

Personalized labels

Gatehouse® allows you to fully personalize the labels according to your needs and wishes: logos, additional info,...

This can differ per entrance, location,...

Reading in personal information

With Gatehouse® it is possible to read in information from E-ID cards, V-cards,...


Want to learn more? Let us know: sales@gatehouse.be