What is Gatehouse

Kjell Wintein - Procurement Manager e-BO Enterprises: "Congratulations to the Staff team Gatehouse works flawlessly at e-BO Enterprises. Other companies will undoubtedly benefit from it".

Gatehouse virtual reception

A virtual reception as Gatehouse® is the perfect addition and added value to your existing manned or unmanned reception. Gatehouse® is time and cost saving, allowing your reception staff to fully focus on their core tasks. With a virtual reception the look and feel of your company will only improve. Gatehouse® is very easy to use so that all your visitors: customers, suppliers, maintenance mechanics, interims, ... are registered quickly and intuitively. Gatehouse® is a web-based cloud solution. Because of this, nothing needs to be installed locally in the company. More advantages of a virtual reception such as Gatehouse® can be read here.

Time and cost saving
Customizable to your needs
Easy and intuitively
Professional look
Cloud oplossing