Time and cost saving

With electronic visitor registration, your receptionist(s) can fully focus on his or her core tasks.

Professional look

A first impression is very important, so your welcome is your entrence signboard. Get rid of the paper visitor registration.

Customizable to your needs

Gatehouse® is offered to you in 3 different versions. Because of this the monthly rent will be adjusted to your needs and requirements.

Invoice control for subcontractors

All data is stored in the Cloud. In just a few clicks you can quickly find specific data for audit or post-invoicing purposes.

Cloud solution

You only need a network connection to make Gatehouse® accessible, so nothing needs to be installed locally in your company.


Quick check-in and check-out in just a few clicks.


Give important internal instructions (video, pdf documents...). Adapted to the purpose of the visit (meeting, maintenance works, ...).


Gatehouse® allows your visitor to register in his or her native language.


Fully in line with the current GDPR legislation. No more book where previous registration is visible.


Gatehouse® can be used at different entries of your company. Each Entry point can be personalized: languages, query fields, contacts, instructions, ....


This allows Gatehouse® to be easily installed on all types of hardware: PC, all-in one, kiosk, ....

Increased security

With the online evacuation list and giving your internal instructions, you increase the safety of your employees and visitors.

Online evacuation list

See immediately who exactly is present in your building. Very useful in case of fire or other dangerous incidents.


Call every visitor from the online evacuation list.

Evacuation button

Send emergency evacuation SMS to every visitor present in case of fire or other dangerous incidents.

Unmanned reception

Gatehouse® can be perfectly used at your unmanned reception.

Call option

Unmanned reception? Every visitor gets in touch by phone with the chosen contact person.

Time registration for interims

Register interims with Gatehouse®. Afterwards, you can submit the necessary lists to the interim offices.

Frequent visitors

Permanent visitors? Simplify registration and provide them with a permanent badge.


Register visitors in advance? Send their Qr code to be scanned upon arrival.

Personalized Labels

Make your visitors known, give them a personal label.

Contact tracing

Notification of a Covid-19 outbreak in your company? In just a few clicks you can see exactly which visitors have been present in a certain period of time.