This is how Gatehouse's electronic visitor registration works

  • Time saving
  • No more unknown visitors
  • No more paperwork
  • Professional appearance of your company

What are the advantages of Gatehouse?

Professional look

A first impression is very important, so your welcome is your entrence signboard. Get rid of the paper visitor registration.

Cloud solution

You only need a network connection to make Gatehouse® accessible, so nothing needs to be installed locally in your company.

Time and cost saving

With electronic visitor registration, your receptionist(s) can fully focus on his or her core tasks.

Customizable to your needs

Gatehouse® is offered to you in 3 different versions. Because of this the monthly rent will be adjusted to your needs and requirements.


Give important internal instructions (video, pdf documents...). Adapted to the purpose of the visit (meeting, maintenance works, ...).

Invoice control for subcontractors

All data is stored in the Cloud. In just a few clicks you can quickly find specific data for audit or post-invoicing purposes.

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Create your own Gatehouse

Gatehouse house

Gatehouse House

The House version is also called our entry level version

  • Ideal for smaller companies
  • Full visitor registration
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Gatehouse villa

Gatehouse Villa

The Villa version is mainly intended for medium-sized enterprises with different entrances or buildings.

  • Ideal for medium-sized SMEs
  • Multiple entries possible
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Gatehouse chateau

Gatehouse Chateau

The Chateau version offers extensive possibilities, ideal for companies with international branches.

  • Ideal for large companies
  • Multiple sites possible
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No idea which Gatehouse is right for you?

Which devices are fit for Gatehouse

Also possible on other hardware, in consultation with Gatehouse

Nieuw in Gatehouse: SMS-Module

Verwittig je interne medewerker per sms dat hun bezoeker zich registreerde en staat te wachten aan de receptie.
Niets zo vervelend dan een bezoeker die staat te wachten aan een receptie op zijn of haar contactpersoon. Met de SMS-Module wordt uw interne medewerker steeds op de hoogte gebracht van de aanwezigheid van hun bezoeker.

Bezorg mij meer info over de SMS-Module

Gatehouse® electronic visitor registration

Gatehouse® electronic visitor registration is a software tool that allows all kinds of visitors to electronically register themselves upon arrival and departure in your company. Gatehouse® can be used in unmanned and manned receptions. By registering your visitors electronically, you can find out at any time who is or was present in your company and when. In just a few clicks you can see who is or was in your company and when. This can be "ad hoc" in case of serious incidents such as fire or danger in order to find out which non-employees are present in the building.
But this can also take place over a longer period of time in the past in the context of justification for certain certificates, to check invoices, ...

Gatehouse® visitor registration is a web-based cloud solution that does not require any software to be installed locally. This ensures that the application can easily be used on all types of hardware (PC, thin client, All-in-one, ...). No specific hardware is required, only a device (with USB input) with a browser, a printer to print labels and a scanner to check out your visitors is sufficient. In addition, this offers the possibility to easily deploy the visitor registration software in multiple company sites and/or entrances where visitors have to log in. Also in the cloud, no specific installation is required: the entire setup is done by simple parameterization.