Gatehouse® digital visitor registration is a product developed and supported by The Staff Solutions.

Within The Staff we were asked by customers to look for a digital visitor registration system to register each visitor quickly, easily and intuitively upon arrival and departure in the company.

The need for digital visitor registration is mainly based on the much-needed certificates such as BRC, IFS, GDPR, ... at our customers.

Within The Staff it was decided to develop our own digital visitor registration software, called Gatehouse®.

Gatehouse® is an affordable, complete and flexible solution to register your visitors adaptable to the specific needs of any company, small or large.

Discover more about Gatehouse
Fast, easy and intuitive registration of all your visitors
Get rid of paper registration
Increased safety with the online evacuation list
E-mail and SMS notification to contact person
Increased security by providing your internal security measures
Personalized labels for each visitor

Joachim Delameilleure - IT Systems Manager: "Hats off to Gatehouse. They are satisfied in Bruges, Ostend & Boulogne! It's not always easy to do good for everyone (especially with international projects) but so far this is going pretty well everywhere they use it. Beautiful"

Matthias Dhondt - Manager Label Products: "A no-nonsens pachage that is easy to use and very affordable"

"Gatehouse zorgt voor een efficiënte oplossing om onze bezoekers digitaal de weg te wijzen. Het werkt vlekkeloos en wordt nu al gewillig omarmd door alle collega's": Yorgi D'haese - Facility supervisor bij Pollet Group