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Jos Muyldermans - General manager, Finance, Trader for cane sugar, nuts & dried fruits – Hygiena NV / SA:
"No more wasting time with a paper registration! Searching for certain visits goes fast in Gatehouse. You can clearly see the arrival and departure times of each visitor. Very handy to check on post-invoicing".

Hygiena, the Belgian wholesaler specialized in biological, natural and bulk products as well as ecological biodegradable non-food products. Hygiena is named after Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health, because a healthy life is something close to our hearts. Not because it is a hype. Not since today or yesterday, no, for more than 60 years. Since 1955 to be precise. For that long our family business has been under the spell of natural products. We import, export and distribute them from our home in Sint-Niklaas. And we only use one criterion: that of quality. Impeccable quality, that is.

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