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Renewi Roeselare

Lisa Vanbrabant - SHEQ Advisor
"Safety is a top priority within Renewi, a shared responsibility that we can only bear together. Thanks to Gatehouse, we can now inform and sensitize our visitors in a digital way. The reception system was therefore enthusiastically received!"

Renewi Roeselare is strong in the combination of industrial cleaning, transport and waste processing.
Our total care approach is available to the customer who opts for a high quality, safe and reliable execution of the discussed industrial cleaning works and this without worries.

Renewi provides safe, environmentally conscious and quality-oriented work.
Experienced specialists prepare each cleaning job with the necessary responsibility so that our cleaners can clean your installations, tanks, reactors, heat exchangers, etc. without damage.

As an accredited collector/transporter of (non-) hazardous waste, we can transport the various released waste streams via our own transport raft to an accredited processing center.

Renewi has the necessary expertise and capabilities in house to properly dispose and process chemical waste, whether on a regular basis or just once.
In this way, you also have direct evidence to hand over to controlling authorities.

Afterwards, the necessary official certificates will be handed over to you:

Cleaning certificate
Discharged tonnage
Waste processing certificate
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